Be Kind to Your Belly

6D244937-BEEE-4F6F-8DCE-645F0A4C07A1-1826-00000249FC548EEE_tmpThere is so much talk about healing your gut, eating right for your gut, etc.

But what is your gut SUPPOSED to feel like?

  • Are you having the optimum bowel movement after each meal that you eat?
  • Do you have chronic low back pain?
  • Have you had organs removed, or had any abdominal scope/surgery?

You would be surprised how much your abdomen impacts the rest of your body!!

There is no “Lego” structure that keeps your organs in a fixed position, which means there is some mobility to them within your abdomen.  They move fluidly with the movement of your torso and hips!

So what happens when there is a restriction?  How does restriction impact the muscles of the abdominal region?

It Matters … And Now You Can Do Something to Help!

I have taken two different 3-Day Intensive seminars that deal specifically with the abdomen:

  • One dealing with more female abdominal reproductive health, and
  • A Thai Abdominal seminar.

In both seminars, I received the work, and quickly realized that MY OWN ABDOMEN did not like me!

Not to mention how much emotions came up from having this work done.

By the end of Day 2 for each seminar, I FELT different…my ABDOMEN FELT different.

Instead of feeling thick and heavy, there was much more mobility and ability to eliminate.

  • My cycle was far less evil crampy (yes … that is a technical term), and became more consistent!
  • Even more interesting is my newfound ability to draw my shoulders back without straining and the lovely deep breathing happened more readily.
  • Plus, I felt less strain on my lower back and felt like I was able to stand taller.
  • My range of motion was greatly improved to the point that I could swivel my torso (WITH EASE) and see my backside!

A98FCF4E-61D2-4AC4-BE8E-3276A3C0AA39-1826-00000249E02D80BC_tmpSo I offer the opportunity to experience something different.

To my best knowledge, I AM THE ONLY Massage Therapist in the Quad Cities to offer targeted abdominal massage.

It is the optimum to have at least FOUR appointments within two weeks minimum of each other.  The only time that you would NOT receive this kind of massage is AFTER your cycle has started, directly AFTER having surgery, or if your GI/General Practitioner Doctor has suggested NOT too.

I have created a $340 (a $40 saving) Gift Certificate package to help you receive the optimum care, and to further ensure that your appointments are set up in the right consistency I will reach out to you to schedule them.

Schedule your targeted abdominal massage today so you can start feeling better … fast!