The Unknown

C49050A9-F84B-4735-8F63-7DCC25508779-4444-000005C4C32B3489_tmpI had the opportunity to sit at the feet of someone who, unbeknownst to me, was a great man in the community. This man was surrounded by several loved ones and these amazing piles of photographs.  In a brief moment, he asked me, “Do you enjoy what you do?”

How that question has tickled my brain over this last week.

  • I do enjoy what I do.
  • I love the opportunities that it has afforded me.

There have been different jobs that I have been employed at to make ends meet.  Each gave me a new advantage to learn something I had not known before.  Each created this consistent awareness that they were not my passion.


By being a massage therapist and a small business owner, I have been able to be present for my family when they have needed.  I’ve had the privilege to meet some of the best people…my clients.  It has always been a honor to have clients allow me to help their bodies discover something different.

  • What do you enjoy?
  • Do you do it?
  • What have you done create and foster that?
  • What else is possible?

It is my goal to help every client live a life they love! A life filled with enthusiasm, caring, and love is something we can all enjoy. But it amazes me how many people I meet who don’t recognize the positives in their life because they have such physical and emotional pain.

So give yourself the gift of massage because it is so much more than “just a back rub.”