Willingness to Receive

9BABDDF1-3207-4E94-BF62-67C50C83C241-10024-00000DFA43C5B589_tmp-768x509I’ve been reading a new book on what is a pretty serious topic and it brought up the concept of “being willing to receive.”

Well, as I’m writing this, it’s Christmas. And WHAT A PERFECT NOTION FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR, right?!  Okay, I thought it was an EASY notion for this time of year…but I quickly realized that it was not so easy.

When I started to think about what it means to receive I really became uncomfortable, even undeserving.  

This perhaps is because it brought up feelings that I did NOT work hard enough to understand, or more effort could/would/should be done, feelings of guilt, and the list GREW.

This book asserts that you should:

  • acknowledge your value,
  • what comes easy to you, and
  • what you create.

Do you see where this is heading?  By doing that little exercise you being to notice that you do deserve to receive!

Why is receiving important?

By acknowledging that you deserve to receive translates into you are of VALUE.

Taking the time to RECEIVE, along with gratitude for it, brings a new awareness you may not have had before.

How this relates to massage therapy is, what new awareness are you willing to receive about your body that you were not able to before?

What changes are you willing to receive…Do you even really WANT changes??  Isn’t that a crazy thought?!

So I challenge you today to ponder what it means to RECEIVE, and see where it takes you!

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