You Are WORTH So Much More!

 BA82C009-018A-4C55-8F2A-12C21948717A-5844-000007BAAAA3E891_tmp-300x168It is so easy to fall into a routine and pursue all the responsibilities that “are required”.  When that routine changes, is it because some stressor triggers it and waves a big red flag?  I want to ask you to step out of this frame of mind and invest in yourself.  Why wait till something falls apart before you take care of you?

Take the time.  You are worth it.

By enjoying a massage longer than 60 minutes, it gives us (your professional therapists) the time to find out what your body requires:

  • to look beyond what is in pain
  • to discover what is causing your pain.

Take the time.  Being able to knock out that To-Do List without being exhausted is worth it.

Being able to knock out that To-Do List without being exhausted is worth it.

By having more than 60 minutes of “you time,” you will receive 15 years of experience, education, and different resources … all combined to make a true difference in your life.

I have chosen to change my massage practice to simplify my service “menu” and not charge for all the different modalities, and upcharge for quicker easy “extras.”  Rather have a price that also gives the opportunity for your body to experience any modality/technique within ample time to experience positive change.

If this is not for you…I am sure that you know someone who is ready to feel the difference and invest in themselves. I respectfully ask that you tell them about Harborview because I truly believe we can make the positive change they are looking for.

If you’re ready to schedule, then let me know. I’m really excited to meet you and help you fulfill your wellness goals.