It IS SO GREAT to have you here!

If you enjoy a good laugh, a big smile, and want a therapist with a big heart, then you've hit the jackpot!

Want to know why else your should pick me and Harborview?!


  • I know what it means to have to look all around to find good care and get frustrated when you DO find it and the provider does not LISTEN. At Harborview ... it is really all about YOU at Harborview! I hear you and work with your very specific wellness goals.
  • I ooze convenience! Most of us work and aren't available in the mornings for a massage. In truth, this works out because I am not a fan of mornings anyway.
  • And yes - I DO know the struggle of trying to get taken care of but the location has impossible hours.
  • I have "Nap Time"... 2nd Shift hours ... and you can see this when you click on my "Schedule Now" button!
  • I GET IT!  I can RELATE! We all have kids and/or work with kids...we have crazy family schedules, too ...we have all worked "THAT JOB".
  • When I buy a service from anywhere I want to know they are QUALIFIED. Again, I strive to have next level education to give you the best care possible! I am a firm believer that knowledge is power (yes it's a reference to "School House Rocks!")


Just a little about myself...

Just a little about myself...

I am originally from the Chicagoland area (by way of Joliet), but have lived in Mira Mesa, California and landed here in the Quad Cities 19 years ago.

16 years ago I met a wonderful massage therapist who told me that I could earn a good living and help others at the same time. What an amazing opportunity! I knew then exactly what my life's mission become a healer.

I pursued my education about human anatomy, and it led me to one particular summer semester at Saint Ambrose University where I met someone who made me laugh. Meet my wonderfully patient husband, Pete! (in above picture)

Little did I know that meeting my husband would also mean that one day, I would be the happy mom of four wonderful children!

  • Lindsey (23 yrs),
  • Mason (20 yrs),
  • Jake (15 yrs),
  • Jackson (4 yrs),
  • ... and my two furry children (Bailey and Cody).

Here they are ... my kids ... being kids.

My Education Path

My Education Path

I started my pathway to becoming a massage therapist at the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Wellness! It was the catalyst for my desire to learn about the human body.

  • After completing my certification and getting my license, I went on to do the Chiropractic Technician program and completed the Undergrad program at Palmer.
  • I then went on to Saint Ambrose University to work on my Bachelor's degree in Biology. I completed minors in English, Sociology, and Psychology.
  • After completing work at St. Ambrose, I went back to Palmer to pursue my Doctor of Chiropractic degree. However, after completing one year of study I realized more than ever I was still passionate about pursuing a career in massage therapy.

Professional Licensure Education

My love for massage therapy has led me to stay diligent with continuing education! It is also my desire to provide the best care possible for my clients by consistently seeking new "tools," and lends to my expertise.

  • Thai Yoga Table/Floor (5 seminars & counting)
  • Peri-Natal (pre- & post- pregnancy)
  • Orthopedic
  • Cupping
  • Barefoot Ashiatsu
  • Barefoot Myofascial Release
  • Level 1 Touch for Health
  • Temple Style Lomi Lomi (5-day intensive)
  • Level 1 Pillossage
  • Fassage
  • Siddha Detox Wrap
  • Shirodhara
  • Reflexology
  • Masterson Method Horse Massage
  • Neurokinetic Therapy (completed Level 1, did not certify)
  • Kinesio-Taping via Rock Tape (Basic & Sports Performance)

Of course, there are MORE seminars that are on my "Must Do!" list because how does one become satisfied with what they have learned?! I look forward to taking more continuing education this year, as I am a firm believer that learning is a life-long process!

How have I given back to my craft...

How have I given back to my craft...

I was given the opportunity to teach Anatomy & Physiology, Massage Technique, and Business at my Alma Mater as well as a few seminars at Blackhawk Community College. I think that when you have several years of experience you should share what has worked for not only clients but for you.

Knowledge should be passed on; not held back.


I have been a massage therapist for Unity Point at Home Hospice and am one of the first to have received training for the "No One Dies Alone" program. This program guarantees that a volunteer is with a patient who has no one to be with them as they pass.

This really became a passion for me when I witnessed my grandfather begin his journey to his next life, and when I listened to clients who were caregivers for their dying family member(s). Our culture has such a curious attitude towards dying and what it means. By being a part of this and the opportunity to be present for those that are getting ready to shift, it has opened my eyes to so many different perspectives for which I am so grateful. The dying deserve compassionate touch just as much as the living.

And as gentle as I am with hospice patients is as gentle as I am with my family ... and I take this gentleness and my "full of life" personality into my passion which is caring and healing.

I would love to have you as a new client! Just click the button at the top of the page to schedule your massage therapy appointment.

Many Blessings!

~Kim (Iowa License #03764 & licensed in Illinois)