Unlock the Power of Nature's Essential Oils

Unlock the Power of Nature's Essential Oils

Crafting clinical aromatherapy products in Davenport, IA

The aromatherapy clinician at Harborview Health & Wellness has studied the chemistry of essential oils and is certified through Natural Options. This aromatherapy provider is accredited through the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. Natural Options has also worked with VA clinics and the Cincinnati hospital and hospice systems for the past 20 years.

Call our office in Bettendorf, Iowa today to learn more about our custom essential oil blends.

We make custom essential oil blends

Essential oils are best known for improving moods, but with the help of a clinician you can use them in much more precise ways. Our custom essential oil blends can help with:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headaches and muscle aches
  • Sleeping problems

We offer custom clinical aromatherapy products to clients in Bettendorf, IA and the surrounding area. Call today to schedule your appointment.

What to expect from your clinical aromatherapy session

Your initial session will take place over two 30-minute appointments. The first appointment will include an in-depth consultation, in which we'll go over your medical history and any pharmaceuticals you're taking. You'll fill out an intake form that we'll use to create a personalized aromatherapy blend based on your individual needs.

During your second appointment, we'll provide you with your custom essential oil blends or products. We'll also give you specific application directions, answer any of your questions and discuss your expectations.

You can also take advantage of our 30-minute follow-up appointment to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit of your personal aromatherapy blend.

Customized Aromatherapy

Customized Aromatherapy

Customized Aromatherapy with great bases from Natural Options Aromatherapy. Not only did I receive my 230 hr Aromatherapy Certification through this great company, but I am one of their Sales Representatives! They are located in Bellville, this great sleepy little town tucked away in Ohio. Every essential oil is 3rd party tested, and Natural Options makes those results available for anyone to see. We have the capability to private label any of our standard products...it really is the perfect way to brand your company or event!